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Superior service. Stable, Secure, Reliable Network. Customer approved.

With more than half of our new accounts coming from our referrals, it is no surprise that our customers have good things to say about Webhostingjava.net. But don't just take our word for it, read what actual customers have to say about us to see why we feel good about coming to work every day.

"As a webmaster for many and owner for a few sites I am all to familiar with the promises made by hosting companies, I have moved some sites several times in only a matter of months only to find the next host not much better and not able to deliver one simple request "Trouble Free" A tall order but Webhostingjava.net has delivered and at very reasonable rates too... Now I host all my 6 websites with them!"

Mike McEwen


"We are a non-profit organization from California and Webhostingjava.net shows a great amount of community caring by donating their services to our needs. Thank You Webhostingjava.net for having such a big heart."

Donald M. Wilson, Director


We are very glad about the response and such good help we get from you. I hope this prompt replies will keep continuing even after we buy a web plan :). Thank you very much for all the support which helped us to make out a decision (which assume to be good). Thank you very much and we look forward for all the details to setup after we register (which we will do it in few minutes) for a regular hosting plan."

Regards, Anthony Giles, professional drummer

Thank you so much for your help - that's precisely what I was looking for. Have a good weekend."

Best, Chuck


"Your web page hosting support is terrific!
My domain, email and web page are working great. (I signed up six weeks ago.)"


"You folks have been so good to us and your service is remarkable! We truly are thankful to you and your staff. We also, Lord willing, hope to spend many more years enjoying your great service."

Rowan O. Smith

"There is nothing else I can say except you are the best! Your instructions were so easy to follow, and your support staff was always there to help along the way. Thanks!"

Bob & Carol Collins


"Choosing to work with Webhostingjava.net has been one of the best, most profitable business decisions my company has made. There are a lot of hosting outfits to choose from, but we've never encountered anyone who works with us so intensely to insure that all of our needs are met, and we really can't thank you enough for that. Your tech support team is accurate and extremely fast, the hosting packages offered are robust and full-featured, you are proactive in making sure that we are satisfied with your services... the list goes on and on. In short, we would like to applaud you for being one of the few companies we truly enjoy working with."


Joanna Minter

"Thanks God for Vision Web Hosting. After so much frustration I've been through with other companies, I finally found one that understands me. You are incredible"

Nenad Vijatov

Silcom Web Design


"You guys are just so amazing!!!!! I know you are probably sick of hearing it but I have never been so pleased with a service since I started web publishing in '99!!!"

Gary Walberg


Webhostingjava.net provided a variety of high-end features at very affordable rates, especially in terms of multimedia support. Quite a few firms made bids to offer streaming and hosting services; once we added up the numbers and considered our needs, Webhostingjava.net made the most sense. The Webhostingjava.net site presents their service packages clearly to a non-technical client, it is technically easy to work with and designers and programmers have no difficulty in performing our tasks.

Carla Strong

"Superior customer service. You really are the ONLY one who gives what they promise"



Excellent customer service. No downtime problems. Everything that was offered and promised was given right away. Webhostingjava.net has given us excellent Customer Service, we have no down-time problems with our site, everything that Webhostingjava.net offered and promised, we were given right away. Webhostingjava.net's Support Team has always gotten back to us immediately, and our Web designers always got the help they needed. As our company was new to the Web, and not so technical, when problems came up, they were addressed with the highest possible quality. Thanks Webhostingjava.net!

Joanna Collins


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